"[Kate Madison] is clearly a force of nature. We should put her in charge of the entire British film industry. "

Wendy Ide - The Times

About us

Actors at Work Productions was founded by Cambridge based filmmaker Kate Madison in 2003.

We specialise in narrative films often mainly historical, fantasy or sci fi.

The company is also experienced in video production.  We can provide a number of different services for individuals or companies, whether it’s shooting music videos, corporate promos or documenting events or theatre performances.  Please browse the website for more information and feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and for a quote.


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Ren (2014 web series) – fantasy/adventure

Ren is an action-packed and exciting new live-action fantasy series.  Season One consists of six 10 minute episodes created especially for the web.

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Fantasy series Ren is in post production

Kate Madison is currently working on Ren, an original fantasy series due for release around September 2015.  You can find out more about Ren at www.rentheseries.com...

That’s a Wrap!

After almost two months of filming we have finally come to the end of principle photography on Ren: season one.  The team is both excited to move into post production but also sad to be having to say goodbye to the studio, sets, costumes and of course most importantly the whole cast and...

Brand New Fantasy Series Launched

Ren is an action-packed and exciting new live-action fantasy series.  Season One consists of six 10 minute episodes created especially for the web. When a sheltered young woman, Ren, is possessed and her face branded by a powerful ancient spirit she becomes feared by all who see her. Even when banished from her home and hunted by the powerful ruling order of the Kah’Nath she refuses to accept her fate and journeys across the land to discover what she is and if there are any others like her. Joined on...

Over 17 million views for Born of Hope!

As The Hobbit finally arrived in the cinema our very own Lord of the Rings prequel Born of Hope surpassed 17 million views on youtube.  We are so excited that people continue to discover the film and are spreading the word to friends and...

BoH now 7 million YouTube views!!

In less than two months Born of Hope has gained another 1 million youtube views which is just incredible and it’s not slowing down...

Ren Concept Art

Concept art has started for the fantasy/adventure web series ‘Ren’.  A small number of talented young artists have come on board to brainstorm the various ideas associated with the series.  One of the first tasks is to design the tattoo-like markings that develop on Ren’s face in the second episode and which drive the story and her search for the truth. (picture, Ren by Jodie...

BoH 6 Million YouTube Views!

It’s gone midnight and I was about to head off to bed but I thought I’d check on the BoH viewing figures on YouTube and we’ve hit 6 millon views which is amazing! It’s fantastic to know that my film has been seen so many times.  This year in particular has seen the viewing figures rise significantly which we just didn’t expect to see considering the film has been out for over two years now.  I suppose people are getting more acustomed to watching content on their computer.  It...

Brand New Site

I have been designing and making my own websites for years. First with frontpage, then iweb and last year struggling though learning dreamweaver. With so many people using wordpress nowadays I decided it might be worth a look. I’m hoping that by getting a pre-designed site I can spend less time designing and building and more time on content which is sorely needed. So welcome to the newest incarnation of my Actors at Work website. Brought to you by WordPress, elegant themes and of course me, Kate Madison. Enjoy....

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