Current Projects

We have a number of projects on our slate.

Some of these are currently seeking funding.    If you are interested in investing please do get in touch.


Ren (2015 webseries – POST PRODUCTION) – fantasy/adventure

Marked by an ancient and powerful evil spirit a young woman must journey across the land to discover the truth of what she is. Joined along the road by a small band of outcasts she starts to discover that the stories she thought she knew may all have been a lie.


Blood Traps (feature) – supernatural period action horror

A bloodthirsty avenging spirit forces a ragtag group of trappers to risk everything to save a mysterious young woman, as the hunters become the hunted.


The Last Beacon (feature) – fantasy action adventure

When a dark warlord breaks a vital chain of beacons protecting two mighty cities, a young boy and a small group of disgraced beacon guards find themselves on a desperate mission to warn of the impending attack and a deadly race to light the last beacon begins.


Through the Eyes of Men (8 part TV mini series) – action adventure drama

The story of Mary Reed who lived most of her life as a man and along with Anne Bonny became the most famous female pirates of the Golden Age.


The Westland Chronicles (working title) – fantasy adventure

A series of fantasy action adventures based on the Ren universe.